The honesty of the article is so refreshing. I myself feel like a hypocrite sometimes when I let comfort win small battles out of the thousands I try to fight in my life. Unlike you I still have to learn to not feel guilty. Grocery shopping as mentioned is always a struggle- it’s so frustrating sometime to see all those incomprehensible chemical names that give no information to the general consumer. And the more you try to research, the more frustratingly lost you get. It sometimes feel like a lost cause, considering how governments all over are still favouring fossil fuels and signing off forest clearance projects- in effect nullifying work of thousands of activists. Inspiration and encouraging words from fellow comrades like yourself really help me keep up my fighting spirit! Although there are many fights to fight in this world we have created- we must pick our battles and work dedicatedly towards achieving our goals! 🙌🏻

  • Let’s Save Earth (Bhanu Gupta)

A sustainability student trying to fit into the bigger world while identifying ways to save it. Believes the masses have the power to make all the difference.

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