What Can You Do Besides Clap for the Daily Workers?

Sure singing and clapping are a great way to show your appreciation for the thousands of daily workers fighting to save the world right now, but you can make it more meaningful. Let’s explore how:

Last month has been tough for practically everyone on the planet. While some people are fighting for toilet paper rolls in the supermarkets, others are fighting for their lives in the hospitals. There is however an elite class of humans that has arisen in these dire times to rescue humanity from the grips of this pandemic.

While many are calling them heroes and warriors for their unspeakable selfless acts, one can not help comparing them to the Greek titan Atlas, who was condemned to bear the weight of the cosmic heavens for all of eternity as a punishment by Zeus.

While nobody can be blamed for the pandemic, we sure can be blamed for our treatment of these working heroes in the past. This virus has given us an opportunity to rectify our past mistakes and/or make better in the future. Here are some ideas on how you can do that:

  1. Be Aware: As simple as this may sound, not all of us are aware of the extent these workers are going for us as a community right now. If you are, maybe you know someone who isn’t. Take time to educate yourself and others around you about the role these people play in our lives. Teach your kids how the postal worker delivering them packages during lockdowns is more than a minimum wager — how he deserves our utmost respect, compassion, and kindness.
  2. Be Respectful Yourself: Just like we’ve seen many reports of the bravery of these health and daily workers, we’ve also seen many instances of the stupidity of the people and their crass behavior with those on the frontlines. Please stop. Yes, they are doing their job- but please understand- they are doing their job now at the expense of their health- to make sure you have all the essentials in your home and the sick get the medical treatment they need. If tomorrow they decide to not come to work- it will drastically affect a lot of people including you. Show them some respect, show them some compassion- if these things don’t come naturally to you, now is the time to consciously make an effort.
  3. Be Helpful: Difficult times have the power to bring out either the best or the worst in us humans. This is the time when you can teach yourself and your kids to help out fellow people survive this fight. People all over have found incredible ways to help their communities- some are fostering or adopting animals from their local shelters, while others are leaving thankful tokens of toilet rolls and sanitizers for their delivery agents. Find ways to make contributions to your local community as well. Use the extra time on your hands to think about how you can give back and ease the workload of these people:

Are you a small business that can help prepare essential protective gear for the workers?

Maybe you can volunteer your services to some institutions.

A small donation can go a long way in times like these.

Arrange a virtual fundraiser with friends and family. Play online games and set aside as little as a wine bottle’s worth everytime someone loses.

4. Be their voice: A lot of workers and health care professionals are dealing with shortages of PPEs amidst other things. Become their voice while they save your loved ones, and urge your local and central governments to provide them all the necessary equipment as soon as they possibly can. Of course, this is an unprecedented situation and nobody was expecting it but this should not be an excuse for any government body to neglect the health of their citizens while prioritizing profits or their own propaganda.

Remember, when a lot of people ask the same questions- somebody has to come forward and acknowledge them.

5. Stay Home, Stay Safe: And of course, the most important thing you can do is break the chain. Stay home and restrict your exposure to the virus and everybody else. This helps lower the burden on the health care workers and limits the exposure to the other working classes. Remember ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ and this motto will save your life now.

If all of us just did one thing on this list every day, we can win this battle faster, and with minimal losses.

A sustainability student trying to fit into the bigger world while identifying ways to save it. Believes the masses have the power to make all the difference.

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